Scerni CH (€ 70.000) - Cod ACH1042

Villa with garden near the village.


A few minutes from the town center, in a quiet district with energizing scenery, a house with a garden is for sale. The house is on one level with 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, surrounded by a garden with flowers and fruit trees, some outbuildings and a well framed by two trees.

Composition: the villa is composed of an entrance that overlooks an open living area, dining room with fireplace, kitchen, bathroom, two bedrooms, boiler room; separate from the house a department store and storage room, garden. Year of construction: 1954.

Surfaces: 125 sqm house, 77 sqm warehouse, 850 sqm garden
Plants in the building: water, electrical, thermal

Energy Class C, IPE 302.04

Distances: Pescara airport 45 minutes; town center 5 minutes; Adriatic sea 20 minutes; Roccaraso ski lifts 1:15 hour, Rome airport 2:30 hours

Scerni is an Italian municipality in the province of Chieti with about 3300 inhabitants, 280 m. above sea level. Sweet in its hilly and mild contours in the climate Scerni is strategically located a few kilometers from the Adriatic Sea and the Majella mountain range and the Abruzzo National Park. The territory extends over a hilly landscape for about 4,100 hectares with an area mainly cultivated with olive groves, vineyards and wheat. Scerni has a characteristic historical center where the Avalos Castle dominates and where narrow streets with large steps wind, particularly in summer with food and wine events.

Scerni CH
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