Pollutri CH (€ 49.000) - Cod ACH1095

Noble residence of 1800 to be restored with terrace in the town center


This palace (300 sq m) with 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and 1 garage, hosted several illustrious people. In the war period soldiers from every nation stayed there and after the war also mayors of other countries, people with institutional positions and even the personal secretary of Pope Roncalli. The house, from heaven to earth, has an exposed brick facade, the vaults of the various rooms are domed and some painted, the cellars have joints of masonry arches, some rooms are paved with decorated cement tiles of great aesthetic pleasure, in the entrance courtyard there is also a well. Crown the building worthily, a terrace overlooking the sea and mountains. The property needs restoration, does not present any structural problems. It can be used as a residence house or tourist / accommodation facility or as a multi-family house.


Description: on the ground floor with independent entrance, there is a room with bathroom for office or shop or garage. Next to the room, an imposing wooden door leads to the house. On the ground floor there is a cellar and a large room with fireplace, a well and a masonry staircase that leads to the cellar rooms; a staircase with a concrete threshold leads to the first floor consisting of kitchen, living room, toilet and 2 bedrooms; on the second floor kitchen, living room, toilet and two bedrooms and three balconies; attic on the third floor and terrace.


Surfaces: 300 m2; balconies are 6 sq m; terrace 37 sqm.

Installations: water, electric, connected to the sewer.


Energy class: F (energy data available).


Distances: Pescara airport 60 km; Rome airport 290 km; Naples airport 200 km; central village of Pollutri; Adriatic sea 9 km; Roccaraso ski lifts 90 Km.


Pollutri rises among the hills of the Middle Vastese, in the province of Chieti. This characteristic village combines architecture, history and nature. Its origins date back, in all probability, to the 500 after Christ, but some archaeological finds testify that the territory was already inhabited in pre-Roman times. The history of the small town, which has just over two thousand inhabitants, can be breathed at every step. The heart of Pollutri is the fortified village in the highest part of the country, with arcades, passages, stairways, alleys. If the facades of the houses were modernized between the seventeenth and nineteenth centuries, cellars and basements retain an ancient, mysterious and fascinating identity.

In addition to observing the beauties of the fortified village, visiting Pollutri means admiring many examples of ancient Christian architecture. In Piazza della Chiesa stands the church of the Santissimo Salvatore, dating back to the 14th century. Abbot Pacichelli, in 1703, also spoke of the existence of a cuspidated bell tower. Currently the church has a neo-Romanesque facade. In ancient times there was also the monastery of San Barbato, founded in 1015, of which the original fountain was found. The remains of the Church of Santa Lucia, a possession of San Barbato, are also visible, in whose vicinity were found fictile votive fragments dating back to the III-I century BC

Pollutri CH
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