roccacasale casa vendesi, house around abruzzo
Roccacasale AQ - Cod ZNU104
€ 102.000

Restored stone house at the foot of the village Castle.

Stone house (118 t.sqm.) With 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom, in an advanced phase of renovation at the top of the historic village under the ancient castle with a wonderful view of the entire Peligna Valley. The house has facades with exposed stones and two main entrances enriched by stone portals with old-style front doors.

Scerni  CH - Cod ACH1062
€ 105.000

Hillside farmhouse with land.

220 sq m farmhouse with 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 57 sq m warehouse and 1,750 sq m land / garden.

This cottage is located on a hill 3.5 km from the town center, in front of the farmhouse there is a slightly sloping expanse of hills as far as the eye can see.

1a IMG_1802.JPG
Tocco da Casauria PE - Cod ZNU102
€ 105.000

Structure of a villa (half of a semi-detached house) in advanced construction for a total of 330 square meters, surrounded by an olive grove of approximately 2,100 square meters with 35 plants. The property is located in one of the most beautiful and panoramic areas of the Tocco da Casauria area, less than 1 km away. from the center, surrounded by extensive olive groves and with a splendid view of the mountains of the Majella National Park.

tocco casauria appartamento vendesi, house around abruzzo
Tocco da Casauria PE - Cod ZNU103
€ 115.000

Panoramic apartment in historic building in front of the Castle.

Immediately habitable apartment of about 140 square meters with 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom, occupying the high floor (with availability of the attic) of an ancient house totally restored in the historic center, in front of the Ducal Castle.

roccacasale casa vendesi, abruzzo casa pietra, house around abruzzo
Roccacasale AQ - Cod ZNU124
€ 135.000

Renovated stone house with panoramic garden near the Castle.

Two-level single house (107 sqm. L.) With 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms with a fully enclosed garden of about 200 sqm. the town and the entire Peligna Valley in a dominant position. This is the highest house in the town of Roccacasale (AQ) along the road that goes up to the Castle.

manoppello casale, house around abruzzo
Manoppello PE - Cod 0847
€ 137.000

Restored farmhouse with land surrounded by green hills.

Restored stone and brick farmhouse of 155 sq.m. l. with 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom, surrounded by a land of about 10,000 square meters. in a raised position dominating the surrounding green hills. The farmhouse is articulated on two levels. Some refurbishment work needed.

1 IMG_1279-770x386.jpg
Casalbordino CH - Cod ACH1032
€ 140.000

Farmhouse with land near the village and not far from the sea.

In the town of Casalbordino, very close to both the sea and the town center, a farmhouse (155 sq m) with outbuildings and land (6,500 sq m) is for sale

The farmhouse, free on three sides, consists of an entrance / living room, hall, sitting room, kitchen with fireplace and bathroom on the ground floor; 2 double bedrooms and bathroom on the first floor.

popoli appartamento vendesi, house around abruzzo
Popoli PE - Cod ZNU112
€ 140.000

Large renovated apartment in the center.

Apartment of about 200 square meters. L. (166 net sqm) with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms on the first floor of a historic building on a typical square in the center. The building was totally renovated in 2011.

serramonacesca vendesi, abruzzo house, house around abruzzo
Serramonacesca PE - Cod ZNU125
€ 150.000

Large house with terraces, small garden and workshop in the center of the village.

Terraced house of three levels (270 m2) with laboratory (39 m2) and garden of about 120 m2 in a panoramic position in the center of the village. The house has 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and 2 kitchens.

sant'eufemia maiella vendesi, house around abruzzo
Sant'Eufemia a Maiella PE - Cod 0857
€ 150.000

Three-level villa with terrace and large tree-lined garden.

Three-level villa (207 m2) with three independent sectors connected by an external staircase, with 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, a tree-lined garden of about 800 m2. The property is located in the lower part of the town, at the edge of the village, immersed in a majestic forest of tall trees.

sulmona casa vendesi, house around abruzzo
Sulmona AQ - Cod ZNU164
€ 160.000

House with two apartments in a panoramic position.

Three-level house (263 square meters) with two overlapping apartments with independent entrances and courtyard of about 150 square meters; there are 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 3 kitchens and 2 living rooms. The construction of the house began in the 70s and was completed in the 90s with regular subsequent maintenance.

tocco casauria casa vendesi, house around abruzzo
Tocco da Casauria PE - Cod ZNU161
€ 165.000

Rustic house with large garden and olive grove.

House on two levels of 165 square meters l. with 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom, surrounded by land in the garden and totally fenced olive grove. The house is a typical tufaceous stone building, totally renovated with a remaking of the roof, consolidation of the floors and of the whole structure, keeping as much as possible the original characters.

capestrano casa vendesi, house around abruzzo
Capestrano AQ - Cod ZNU155
€ 195.000

Renovated four-level house on the main street in a panoramic position.

Property consisting of a large main building with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms + garage + warehouse (approx. 480 sq. M. Total). The house was recently completely renovated (2012) according to anti-seismic criteria with the roof also being renovated.

ofena casa terreno, house around abruzzo
Ofena AQ - Cod ZNU212
€ 198.000

Country house dominating the valley with extensive olive groves.

Large house (400 square meters) on four levels, to be completed internally and renovated, in a splendid peaceful and panoramic position overlooking the valley below. The property is fenced and also includes several outbuildings (building with terrace, tennis court, garage) in about 60,000 square meters of land with 300 olive trees and 20 almond trees.

roccacasale casa terrazzo vendesi, house around abruzzo
Roccacasale AQ - Cod ZNU206
€ 198.000

Entire building in a panoramic position with three apartments, terrace and large garage.

Four-storey building (about 400 square meters) on the main road, in the lower part of the village in a dominant position over the Peligna Valley. It is made up of a 90 sq m commercial space on the ground floor + three overlapping and connected apartments for a total of approx. 310 sq m.

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